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2 Micron fuel filter Defender TD4 for standard version
Defender TD4 2 MICRON fuel filter for original connection. The Land Rover Defender TD4 Common Rail engine is particularly sensitive when it comes to the quality of the fuel. If the dirt particles that get into the injectors are too large, engine damage is inevitable. There is a simple and inexpensive solution from 4WARD4X4 to protect the engine for long distance trips to countries with questionable fuel quality. A suitable 2 micron fuel filter for the Land Rover Defender TD4 2.4 and 2.2 liter engine. Suitable from: Year of manufacture 2007 to 2016

Only 1 available
2 Micron Fuel Filter for ENGAGE4X4 Expedition Filter Kit
Replacement 2 Micron Fuel Filter for ENGAGE4X4 Fuel Filter Set. The 2 Micron fuel filter is a special fine filter and thus protects the injectors of the Land Rover Defender TD4. Information Fineness 2 Micron (standard Land Rover OE filter) for African countries, large parts of Asia, Russia (Siberia)

A-frame joint with wide angle for more entanglement
Pivot mount A-Frame for rear axle Defender. This exclusive ball joint offers 45° of freedom of movement, significantly improving axle articulation.One of the main factors limiting rear suspension movement on "A-Frame" vehicles is the standard ball joint. We designed this part to provide significantly more articulation than stock and most aftermarket joints. Others claim more articulation but actually offer very little beyond the standard 30 °. This exclusive ball joint offers 45° of movement in all directions. It adjusts easily with a standard hex wrench and includes a grease fitting for convenient periodic maintenance.It comes assembled in the mounting bracket, ready to bolt to your Land Rover.

Adapter plate ENGAGE4X4 roof girder for SD outer cage
ENGAGE4X4 adapter plate for Safety Devices cage mounting. The adapter plates are for mounting on the ENGAGE4X4 roof rack and the Safety Devices Hoop-Rail, so you can vary the prositions of the roof rack on the outer cage. At the same time, the adapter plates can be used for mounting antennas, auxiliary lights or other accessories. Information Material S355 Surface black powder coated Made in Germany

Content: 2 Paar (€29.95* / 1 Paar)

Only 2 available
Adapter stub axle for Discovery 1 for mounting reinforced homokinetes
Modified stub axles for Land Rover Discovery 1 To mount reinforced Defender homokinetes on the Land Rover Discovery 1, you need modified stub axles. Information Modified OEM stub axles

AHK height adjustable Land Rover Discovery 1 and Range Rover classic
Trailer hitch for Land Rover Discovery 1 Height adjustable trailer hitch for the Land Rover Discovery 1 and Range Rover classic. Suitable for vehicles with suspension lift.

Anhängervorrichtung Bar
Anhängervorrichtung (AHK) abnehmbar AHK für alle Range Rover L322  ab Baujhar 2003 bis 2010.  Information (nicht passend für USA, CDN, Mexico)  

Only 2 available
ARB Axle & Transmission Bleeding Kit for all off-road vehicles
Specially designed for vehicles with pneumatic differentials or ARB Air Lockers. The compact and lightweight design with so-called push-in connections facilitates installation. At the four bleed holes can also be connected, for example, gearbox & transfer case. The mounting is done with M6 bolts / screws. The ARB axle breather kit should be mounted in the engine compartment at the highest point. Axle Breather for Land Rover Defender (not vehicle specific) The splash proof air filter is with a washable sintered bronze filter. The high performance oil, water and heat resistant 8 mm polyurethane hoses reduce the likelihood of oil blockages in the axlesScope of delivery 1 x Anodized aluminum manifold 1 x Air filter 1 x 8mm x 8m polyurethane hose 4 x 8mm-1/8 "BSP connectors 3 x 1/8 "BSP connectors 2 x sheet metal screws 10 x cable ties

Armrest Land Rover Freelander with storage box
Storage box with armrest for Land Rover Freelander 2 With one of these stylish stowage box with armrest you will have extra space in your Freelander 2, especially on long car trips. Your utensils can be conveniently stored under backrest. Information Innovative design Fits vehicle up to 2012 model year Strong ABS base Large storage capacity Easy installation in only 5 minutes at the original point Boxes have adjustable sliding tops Dimensions - 230 mm long x 145 mm wide x 180 mm high

Only 2 available
Automotive Airline Fitting for ENGAGE4X4 Roof Rack and Airline Rails
Fitting for ENGAGE4X4 roof racks and airline rails. The Automotive Fitting is designed to secure loads for vehicles. The fitting for the airline rails is made of plastic, this ensures that there is no unpleasant noise on slopes. Information Made in Germany Tensile load 500 Kn

Only 1 available
Ball and socket coupling
Ball head with towing jaw for Land Rover AHK. Land Rover ball head with towing jaw combination for various Land Rover trailer devices (AHK). Practical towing eye for safe towing or recovery of vehicles Information RTC8159 / LR008244 All models

Ball head trailer hitch Land Rover
Ball head Land Rover 3.5 tons Ball head Land Rover trailer device with 3.5 tons approval Information Defender - all models Discovery 1 Range Rover Classic Discovery 2 Series - all models

Only 2 available
Bilstein B6 steering damper Defender (DHMV)
Steering damper Bilstein B6 Steering damper Defender (all) models. Bilstein steering damper for all Land Rover Defender, has been developed for high loads due to higher wheels, better directional stability by Bilstein the suspension specialists.The tuned B6 Variant of Bilstein is particularly robust and durable and reduces the uncontrollable vibrations and movements in the steering and ensures precise control of your Defender. Information Longer life even in off-road conditions Optimum track stability in extreme situations Tangible safety No TÜV registration necessary

Bilstein shock absorber B6 Land Rover Defender, Discovery 1 and RRC
Variant: VA characteristic value in N: 2800 /820
Bilstein gas shock absorber B6 for all Defender and Discovery 1 models. The Bilstein B6 series for all Defender and Discovery 1 models, is an ideal gas pressure shock absorber for the standard chassis under increased load. So you can with different tunings to meet various requirements on your Defender or Discovery. The B6 gas damper makes no compromise in performance and comfort. Improved driving characteristics in every situation. Especially for upgraded Land Rover Defender (Discovery 1) is the B6 series in conjunction with original springs suitable whether heavy cargo transports the trailer or bad roads in Moroccan desert. In general, are a challenge for the Bilstein B6 Defender shock absorbers. Ideal improvement for the original Land Rover chassis. B6 shock absorber offers improved series replacement for such high demands. It is achieved with the original springs improved vehicle dynamics for a comfortable ride.

Only 1 available
Bolt set Defender chassis
Bolt set Defender suspension front axle for all Land Rover Defender TD5 from VIN XA159807 - 2A620000

Only 3 available
Bolt set suspension Defender & Range Rover Classic front axle
Bolt set for suspension mounting Defender front axle. Includes bolts and nut for mounting the Panhard rod and tie rods. Information Defender - LA930456 to WA159806 Range Rover Classic - 1992 - 1994

Only 4 available
Bolt set suspension rear axle Land Rover Defender
Screw set rear axle Land Rover Defender from year of manufacture 2009Our pre-assembled bolt set for suspension bushings on the rear axle of the Land Rover Defender, manufactured for vehicles from year of manufacture 2009 to 2016, is the ideal solution for the Maintenance and replacement of the bushings. This high quality bolt set contains all the necessary bolts for precise and reliable installation. Each screw has been carefully selected, to ensure a perfect fit and long life. With this bolt set you can keep your suspension in top condition and enjoy an optimal driving experience. Invest in quality and order our Rear Axle Suspension Bushing Bolt Set today for optimum care and maintenance of your Land Rover Defender.

Bowler Flankenschutz-Teile für Land Rover Defender
Colors: Silver anodized | Vehicle: Defender 90 TD4 2010-2016
Bowler Seitenschweller aus Aluminium Diese Schwellerprotektoren werden aus leichtem Aluminium hergestellt und werden in der Defender Challenge eingesetzt. Die Seitenschweller werden mit einem Montagesatz geliefert. Ohne Schweißarbeiten werden sie an den vorhandenen Befestigungspunkte geschraubt. Sie sind kompatibel mit XS-Trittstufen. Informationen Schweller aus Aluminium  Oberfläche eloxiert Anbauteile Stahl pulverbeschichtet  

Bracket for height adjustable trailer hitch Land Rover Defender
Bracket for height adjustable trailer hitch Land Rover Defender suitable for LR007221 and LR007222.

Brake pads for Discovery 3 - 4 & Range Rover for the front axle
Discovery 3 - 4 & Range Rover Sport Brake Pads Brake pads in OEM quality for Land Rover Discovery 3 and Discovery 4 as well as Range Rover Sport from Delphi Information Installed quantity / vehicle 1 set Discovery 3, Discovery 4, Range Rover Sport - 2005 - 2013 Original part numbers LR019618 / old SFP500010

Bumpers mounting kit stainless steel for Land Rover Defender
Bumper mounting kit with stainless steel screws. Bumper mounting plate kit with impact block and stainless steel screw set. Information Installed quantity / vehicle 1 setMaterial screws V2AIncludes screws, threaded blocks, caps

Bushings tie rods Defender (frame side)
High performance bushings for tie rods (frame side) for Land Rover Defender Particularly suitable for extreme and permanent loads off-road. The Powerflex high performance bushings have a special shape that allows a much better axle articulation. Technology and construction allow a better axle articulation of the Defender. The special feature of Powerflex bushings is the perfectly matched hardness of each suspension bushing. This makes it possible to achieve significantly safer handling. At the same time, a much better axle articulation can be achieved through the special design.

Content: 4 Satz (€39.75* / 1 Satz)

Canvas-Sitzbezüge für Land Rover Discovery 4
Colors: Sand (beige) | Variant: Front & rear seats
Land Rover Discovery 4 Canvas-Sitzbezüge Der Canvas Sitzbezug-Satz für den Land Rover Discovery 4 ist als vorderes Paar für 2 Sitze oder als 5-Sitz-Satz lieferbar, je nachdem, welche Option Sie wählen sind diese leicht leicht zu montieren. Canvas Sitzbezüge zeichnen sich durch eine extreme Strapazierfähigkeit aus und schonen so gleichzeitig Ihre Sitze. Die Discoery 4 Canvas Sitzbezüge sind Airbag kompatibel (modellabhängig), die Nähte sind doppelt genäht und übergesperrt verarbeitet, was die Belastbarkeit deutlich erhöht. Die hinteren Taschen in den Sitzbezügen sind ideal zu verstauen von Papieren, Kartmaterial oder ander Utensilien. Canvas ist ein Kreuzgewebe aus Baumwolle, und somit waschbar. HINWEIS: Die hinteren Sitzgarnituren werden als 3 separate Sitzbezüge und Rückenabdeckungen geliefert und passen NICHT zu einem einfachen Sitz der zweiten Reihe, der eine 60/40 geteilte Sitzbank ist Informatioen Material Baumwoll Kreugewebe (Canvas) Farben (schwarz & sand ) Mit Rückenlehnentaschen Hinweise zur Reinigung Verwenden Sie keine Hochdruckreiniger Verwenden Sie keine Lösungsmittel oder Scheuermittel Reinigen Sie den Stoff gelegentlich sorgfältig mit einem weichen Tuch / Schwamm und Wasser und einer weichen Seife (maximale Wassertemperatur: 30 ° C). Lassen Sie den Stoff vor der Lagerung auf natürliche Weise trocknen Nicht im Trockner trocknen Kann chemisch gereinigt werden Für beste Ergebnisse sollte das Gewebe nach dem Waschen und Trocknen erneut geprüft werden  

Variants from €369.00*
Caster Correction Bushing Set for Tie Rods Defender (44 mm)
Variant: 25 mm caster correction
Land Rover Defender caster correction kit heavy duty. This heavy duty bushing kit from Powerflex PFF32-108G25 is designed for caster correction for all Land Rover Defender with a maximum lift or lowering of 25mm. This kit is suitable for the wider 44mm trailing arms from chassis number LA. If you correct the caster on your vehicle, you can feel a significant improvement overall driving characteristics especiallyin steering . More stability Improved handling and tire grip More weight and better steering response Explanation of caster correction with bushings The kit contains robust CNC machined steel shells to prevent rotation and maintain the corrected geometry. POWERFLEX Performance Diagram for Land Rover Defender caster correction bushings.


Upgrade your vehicle: With high quality Land Rover accessories from 4WARD4X4

Accessories for vehicles are always characterized by not being a necessity if the vehicle is only used in conventional road traffic, but as a practical addition to offer a variety of advantages. The same basic principle applies to Land Rover accessories, however, here about the right Land Rover accessories can open up more functions of the vehicles. These classic 4x4 vehicles are designed for off-road driving, but without additional accessories they are not suitable for every obstacle and challenge you put your vehicle up against.

Therefore, with 4WARD4x4 you can find out which Land Rover accessories are available and order them from us in an uncomplicated way, coupled with many advantages.

Suitable Land Rover accessories for your vehicle

Even within a brand like Land Rover, not all accessories can be used universally for all vehicle types, of course. If that were the case, there would probably be little reason to sell different vehicles at all, as they would be very similar. Therefore, we distinguish between the four vehicle classes Defender, Discovery, Range and Freelander. Within these classes, there are of course many versions of the individual vehicles, but here the Land Rover accessories can then be used as far as possible universally. Therefore, select with us the Land Rover accessories quite simply according to the corresponding vehicle types.

Increase the functionality of the Land Rover with accessories

The highest priority of the Land Rover accessories is an increase in the respective functionality. This is immediately apparent at the first glance at the offer and can be explained very well with the help of examples. Additional lighting, for example, can become incredibly important off-road, after all, the details of the ground often only become apparent when it is illuminated in the best possible way. A roof rack can serve as additional luggage storage for longer or more elaborate trips and, like lighting, is available for all vehicles. Upgrades to the vehicle's performance are also available. Higher speeds, more challenging inclines or simply a better driving experience are the consequences that such Land Rover accessories have to offer.

Overall, the offer is very wide and by far not every user needs every accessory. Therefore, compile the required Land Rover accessories individually and soon take advantage of the improved vehicle. Further retrofits with suitable Land Rover accessories are then still possible afterwards.

Order Land Rover accessories today at 4WARD4X4

If you are interested in high quality Land Rover accessories, 4WARD4x4 is the right place for you. With us you can order individual products or directly a whole range of practical products. Free shipping remains either way with our products. So you get real benefits from the order. This also includes the right of return without any associated costs, which remains for 14 days after the order. Therefore, with us you have full control and can easily compile the right Land Rover accessories and procure them at fair conditions. Let 4WARD4x4 convince you!